Mani Casadona

How Does The Presence Of Green At Office Affect Productivity?

By: Mani Casadona | January 15, 2020

How do you imagine your dream workspace? Should it be an enclosed cabin or a desk right beside the window from where you can see vast stretches of green? Most of us will choose the latter. Scientists call this ‘Biophilia’, an innate tendency possessed by human beings to seek connections with nature. Views of soothing green pathways or blooming flowers provide a sense of well-being or relaxation that boosts productivity in the workplace.

Extreme weather disasters are becoming commonplace and a growing concern for the environment is making us think and take immediate actions to make our surroundings greener. Not only government but individuals, communities, companies, and unions – all have a role to play in environmental issues. Homes, as well as commercial spaces, can make a big difference as there is plenty of scope to reduce carbon emission and ensure energy efficiency. However, a green vicinity has a psychological effect on human beings. Mani Casadona, a luxury workplace opposite Ecospace, New Town, has been designed with 70% open space where native flora and fauna create the perfect setting for a healthy work environment.

  1. Plants reduce stress:

Office environments with greenery and natural light significantly reduce stress among workers. The colour green has a natural relaxing and calming effect. Active interaction with indoor plants – touching, smelling – can reduce physiological and psychological stress. Plants also confer positive changes in the brain’s electrical activity, muscle tension, and heart activity resulting in less tension, anxiety, depression and hostility at the workplace.

  1. Less sickness and absent rates:

Studies show that the introduction of plants in office spaces reduces symptoms of ill health, including fatigue, concentration problems, dry skin, and irritation of the nose and eyes. Being close to plants can help one feel calm and heal faster from injuries. Plants bring a positive change in the psychological working environment and the mental feeling of well being affects how the individual assesses his/her state of health. These are the reasons behind less absent rates in offices within green buildings.

  1. Plants clean air quality & reduce noise level:

Even indoor air can be polluted with asbestos, mold, radon, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, and so on. Plants are adept at removing chemicals and fine particles of these gases that can cause dry eyes, headaches or even serious ailments like asthma. Plants can filter out most of these toxic fumes and absorb these pollutants through their roots and leaves. Placing larger plant pots in multiple corners can help in reducing noise and cut the distracting effects of background office chatter.

  1. Better productivity:

A handful of houseplants can improve memory retention and help employees score higher on other basic tests. Researchers noticed a significant boost in cognition skills, fewer sickness-related absences in green-certified offices. In fact, employees in these offices also experienced better sleep quality. Potted plants and flowers on your work desk can substantially improve your creative performance and problem-solving skills. Get some Lucky Bamboo or Gerbera daisies for your work desk that will not just be pleasing to the eye, but also brighten up the area and help you perform better.

Investing in some greenery will perk up your boring workspace. Working in a green building can do wonders for your concentration, productivity and overall health. Mani Casadona, a commercial space near Ecospace, New Town, is a green building and provides a future-friendly business destination. It not only has a chic, luxurious and convenient work setting but also offers a world of natural perfection.