Mani Casadona

Mani Casadona Brings You a Futuristic Business Destination

By: Mani Casadona | March 26, 2020

A trend is transitory. From business to lifestyle, everything is ephemeral and all we can do is evolve with the times. In the 21st century, transition is the new tradition. Today, commercial real estate is essentially reigned over by millennials who are more susceptible to change. Why? Firstly, millennials are more focused on work-life balance, and believe in having leisure and fun in between tight deadlines. Secondly, it’s high time to debunk the notion that work is only about stress. The result is the arrival of futuristic work spaces like Mani Casadona, a majestic epicenter for business regalia at Rajarhat.

Featuring luxuriant office spaces, Mani Casadona, which is a premium commercial property, represents the fine integration of business and leisure within the same complex. It is a green building that optimizes energy efficiency and comes with exotic features that make work less stressful. Thanks primarily to the dominance of the millennial generation, the office sector has undergone tremendous changes in the past decade. Today, a futuristic workspace is no more just a trend; it’s status quo.

Let’s find out how perfectly this business destination can cater to the needs of your employees, and be the conduit to a happy customer base.

Aesthetic Workspaces

The concept of aesthetics has transformed over the years and the millennial approach to work is about collaboration and social interaction. Featuring shared spaces with flexible options beyond the desk, spaces for group meetings, cozy lounges, and a bevy of amenities, the business regalia of Mani Casadona brings you workplaces that will boost your productivity by beating stress.

Green Backdrop

Nothing soothes weary nerves better than a verdant landscape. Spread over 13 acres with over 70% open spaces, the complex offers an idyllic charm with flora and fragrances that are sure to captivate your senses. A visual delight, the vivid landscape comes to life with every season.

Spacious Common Space

Unlike conventional common spaces, Casadona brings you elaborate and collaborative spaces in which to brainstorm and exchange information. Thoughtfully and tastefully furnished with seamless pieces and rich textures, these spacious common areas at Mani Casadona will be a boost to social interactions that will further spur successful business decisions.

Lifestyle Amenities

Gone are the days when the workplace was kept removed from leisure and fun. The millennials lifestyle is all about the right mix of fun, leisure, and work that increases productivity, instead of disrupting the work ambiance. Mani Casadona brings you Verve, The Club. Having a world-class club and entertainment center within your office spaces allows millennials to perfectly accomplish that idea of a live-work-learn-play day, where everything is within arm’s reach.

At Matrix, the plush, cozy, and magnificent lounge, visitors will no more find long waits tedious. They will be to pass the time reveling in its grandeur if you are busy and can’t meet with them immediately.

To celebrate those small, yet memorable moments with your squad, there is Megabite, the convention café. From sharing a good laugh over a cup of coffee or quelling those hunger pangs, you can drop in here at any point for a tasty bite.

Last, but not the least, the gymnasium, games room, and a pool inside the building premises at Bounce are making Mani Casadona the talk of the town.