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How Does The Presence Of Green At Office Affect Productivity?

By: Mani Casadona | January 15, 2020
How do you imagine your dream workspace? Should it be an enclosed cabin or a desk right beside the window from where you can see vast stretches of green? Most of us will choose the latter. Scientists call this ‘Biophilia’, an innate tendency possessed by human beings to seek connections with nature. Views of soothing green pathways or blooming flowers provide a sen...

Verve: The Luxurious Club Facility at Mani Casadona redefining fun at work

By: Mani Casadona | January 15, 2020
Do you have an office best friend who always lends a shoulder to cry on when you are buried under deadlines, or saves you from the wrath of the boss, or accompanies you for a quick chat or bite? If yes, then you probably suffer less from Monday Blues than others and look forward to an eventful day at work. It is at work where people spend one-third of their adult ...