Mani Casadona

Verve: The Luxurious Club Facility at Mani Casadona redefining fun at work

By: Mani Casadona | January 15, 2020

Do you have an office best friend who always lends a shoulder to cry on when you are buried under deadlines, or saves you from the wrath of the boss, or accompanies you for a quick chat or bite?
If yes, then you probably suffer less from Monday Blues than others and look forward to an eventful day at work. It is at work where people spend one-third of their adult life. So, it absolutely makes sense to ensure work relationships are healthy and supportive. These relationships can have a positive or negative effect on an employee’s stress levels and general feelings of happiness, and in turn affect productivity.

Mani Casadona, the luxurious office space opposite Ecospace, New Town, boasts of a stunning interior and exterior along with an independent club tower, Verve. Amenities at Verve are aimed at providing amazing lifestyle facilities to employees, promoting innumerable options to unwind and indulge in fun within the work environment.

1. The Cafe, Restaurant & Bar:
A cafe, restaurant or bar within the office premises promote social interaction among employees leading to healthier relationships. The food court located on the ground floor of Mani Casadona offers a wide range of cuisines from the best brands in the city. You can drop in at the cafe any time for a light snack, plan a lunch meeting, or even celebrate a colleague’s birthday or retirement. Studies have found that employees who eat together bond better. Rather than forcing employees, especially self-conscious ones, to suffer through office retreats, parties, picnics, and the like, eating a meal together at the office café or sharing a drink in the bar after work makes it part of the work day culture. This could lead to a boost in performance because they can ideate freely in a relaxed environment.

2. Games Room & Gym:
Health is often neglected because of busy work schedules. Getting in some exercise during or after a hectic work day is a great stress buster. It helps you sleep better, recharge and have more energy to face the next work day. A frustrated and stressed-out employee is not conducive to a productive company. So, promoting fitness among employees will improve their morale and well-being, keep them healthy. Which, once again, leads to better performance and productivity. That’s why Mani Casadona has introduced a Games Room and Gymnasium where you can take care of your fitness regime and recharge your “batteries” at your convenience. If exercising at the gym is not your thing, you can hit the badminton, tennis and basketball courts to keep fit.

3. Meeting Rooms:
The first priority of meeting rooms should be comfort. To ensure this, the temperature of the room, colours of the interiors, lighting and other factors play a crucial role. Business deals do require state-of-the-art facilities that are provided in the meeting rooms of Mani Casadona. These facilities are incorporated within a cosy and comfortable space that offers the perfect ambience to close important business deals.

4. Swimming Pool:
Swimming has many physical and mental health benefits. Recreational swimming is a low-impact workout and also a very good way to relax and feel uplifted. Wash away your stress by taking a leisurely dip at Plunge located on the first level of the club. With changing rooms equipped with lockers, lifeguard services and poolside refreshments, you would love to stay at office even when you are done for the day.

5. The Lounge:
The plush lounge at Mani Casadona is the perfect place for a quick chat or to even entertain your guests and visitors. Every nook and corner of the lounge exudes a comfortable affluence where your guests will enjoy waiting. And you can converse peacefully without disruption and noise in the cosy and swanky environs of the lounge area at Mani Casadona.

Discover the art of serendipity at Verve in Mani Casadona, a commercial space near Ecospace New Town where you’ll look forward to every day in a week instead of weekends.