Mani Casadona

Wellbeing Amenities of Mani Casadona that make it a Great Workspace

By: Mani Casadona | January 14, 2020

From cubicle farms to open floor plans, modern office space has gone through a number of evolutions. Office interior or exterior trends might change but only one thing remains constant – the well being of employees. A quality workspace design leads to more productivity and less stress. Thus amenity-rich workplaces help employers attract and retain talent.

Mani Casadona, the commercial space near Ecospace, New Town is offering healthier workspace benefits along with a vast range of options for recreation and entertainment. It is designed to make employees feel comfortable and at peace in their physical work settings for better productivity. Mani Casadona, the future friendly business destination offers amenities that foster an environment that empowers people with the right space to work, think and collaborate naturally.

Sit and chill:

The office is not about work all the time. Little breaks are much needed in a busy schedule. Employees need a great space with comfortable seating arrangements to talk, discuss or share a meal with each other to build a sense of community. Megabite, the convention cafe at Mani Casadona is where one can drop in to enjoy some light snacks while sharing a good laugh with colleagues. Matrix, a plush and cozy lounge, is where guests can be entertained or colleagues can enjoy a good time sitting comfortably.

Entertainment options:

There should be scope for stress release and unwinding for the employees during the work day where they will have access to relaxation and have a good time. Going by the proverb, “Work hard and party harder”, Mani Casadona offers Verve, the luxurious club that promises to change the way the city currently views lifestyle-related activities. Clubs can be an excellent motivational tool that reduces stress levels and boost the morale and well-being of the employees. It also provides an opportunity to interact with their peers and feel like a valued member of a supportive organization.

Fitness centre:

Health is often neglected while chasing deadlines. Increasing stress levels and pollution lead our body and mind to suffer frequently. But what if your office space provides you with the opportunity to take care of your health? Bounce, the well-equipped gymnasium and games room at Mani Casadona will help you to beat the stress after office hours. Sweat it out and relax your muscles after a long day. Take a refreshing dip at Plunge, the swimming pool with poolside refreshments and let your worries fade away and come back rejuvenated every day.

Business done right:

The cozy confines of the Senate Room at Mani Casadona provide an ideal setting for lengthy meetings and important business deals. Conduct important meetings, conferences and presentations in a perfect sophisticated, corporate environment at the Business Centre. The spacious banquet with a convenient partition on the ground floor can be utilized for seminars, conferences and small celebrations.