CEO's Note


More than anything else, constructions are actually about people. It’s about their perceptions, and modes of thinking. No amount of life-cycle analysis will ever be as effective as a well-informed and driven network of individuals. We’re here to help individuals and companies move to a new, attractive, and sustainable economic and lifestyle model by spreading our vision on quality, sustainability and design.

We at Mani value our clients’ precious time as much as they do. And we have constantly honed our skills at Mani Casadona to ensure we occupy the least of it. With our obsession for delivering what we commit, time is the last thing we could
take for a luxury.

Mani Casadona is a truly special venture, that the Mani Group feels will revolutionise the concept of a 21st century work-life-space. The project promises to be a majestic business hub where work is nothing less than pleasure a stone’s throw from you home. Located at New Town, Kolkata, it will give resurgent Bengal a world-class ambience for business and leisure.

Best wishes

CEO's Siganture

Sanjay Jhunjhunwala
CEO, Mani Group