• Foundation
    • RC foundation resting on cast-in-situ reinforced concrete bored piles complying with IS-2911

  • Floor to floor height
    • 4.20 metres

  • Ultimate roof
    • Reinforced concrete roof with appropriate waterproofing and proper insulation system

  • Finishes
    • Wall

      Office space and retail:

      Cement and Sand Plaster

      External wall:

      Cement and Sand Plaster with a combination of ACP cladding, structural glazing, stone cladding, cement paint and/or texture finish

      Internal wall:

      Corridors, staircases, landing and other common areas
      Cement and sand plaster with neat POP punning finished in two coats of plastic emulsion paint

      Car park areas:

      Cement and sand plaster finished in cement paint

      Ground floor entrance lobby:

      Cement and sand plaster finished in combination of neat POP punning, texture paint and marble/granite cladding at designated areas


      Office space and retail:

      Bare RCC floor

      Common areas:

      Staircases including landings and corridors at car park level, and typical floors finished in polished Kota Stone

      Lift lobby:

      Homogeneous tile/compressed marble/granite with matching skirting with or without inlay works at designated areas

      Other common areas:

      Screed concrete

  • Doors
    • Offices:


      Staircases and services areas:

      Will be provided with fire control doors


      Salwood/certified wood door frame with 35mm thick flush shutters having commercial faced inners painted with white enamel paint with bathroom latch

    • Plumbing system:

      Gravity flow system for water distribution with GI/CPVC pipes

      Soil, waste, vent pipe and sewerage system:

      Two pipe system as per IS code for soil and waste pipes above ground (IS-5329/IS-1969)

      • EWC/urinal wastes are connected to soil pipe and to external sewer manholes directly whereas waste pipe from shower/WB/sink is connected to floor trap and through an external gully trap to external sewer manholes
      • Internal waste pipes from appliances are of GI medium class pipes. All internal/verticals in shafts waste/soil pipes are of spun cast iron/UPVC pipes as per IS-3989/IS-15328
      • Waste from large restaurant and food court areas will be connected to a separate waste pipe to a grease trap and to external sewer manholes thereafter
      • Sewer lines are to be connected to a centralised ST plant with an overflow if any excess to main city sewer lines
      • External sewer lines are of UPVC pipes as per IS-15328 for underground application

      Rainwater harvesting:

      The storm water collected from the open areas around the buildings will be used to recharge the ground water by providing a network of rainwater recharge pits at suitable intervals. Rainwater harvesting system proposed for the project by dispersion trenches etc, as per landscaping layout. This will help to recharge the aquifers.

      Sewage treatment plant (STP):

      One centralised captive sewage treatment plant to treat sewage generated. The sewage treatment plant design based on advanced technology shall be compact type housed in enclosed area. The STP will function on primary, secondary and tertiary treatment process. The tertiary treated water shall be used for flushing in the EWC, HVAC and cooling towers.

    • Office toilets will be finished


      Ceramic/vitrified tiles


      Ceramic/vitrified tiles


      POP/gypsum false ceiling with or without drops as applicable as per design Porcelain ware with CP fittings and SS accessories of standard makes and models are proposed for items as below

      • Wall hung EWC with dual low volume flushing concealed cisterns
      • Under or counter top washbasin with sensor operated or self-closing timer type pillar taps
        Wall hung urinal bowl with infrared sensor battery operated flushing device
      • Janitor sinks with a pillar tap
      • Accessories like twin toilet paper holder, twin coat hooks, soap dispensers, towel dispensers, hand drier shall also be provided
    • Office space and retail (Electrification):

      From the main LT switchboard power shall be distributed through rising mains of adequate capacity with tap off in each floor for each rising main at individual floor electrical room for UPS, lighting, raw power and AHU. A tap off provision with panel/electrical distribution box shall be provided at electrical room in each floor with provision of prepaid energy meter.

      Office space and retail (Telecommunication):

      5/10 pair of telephone cable for every 1000 sq ft of built up area will be provided for offices and terminated in telephone tag block located in each floor within the shaft or in the basement

      Toilet and common areas:

      Concealed electrical wiring with Fire Retardent Low Smoke (FRLS) electrolytic copper conductors and light fixtures

      • Lightning protection: In compliance with IS-2309
      • Dedicated, separate, low impedance (<1 ohm) clean earth system would be connected to main building earthing
      • Requisite earthing strips for dedicated earthing will be provided in each rising main shafts with tap off provision at each floor (distribution by tenants)
    • Water proofing to floors of toilet, planter boxes, terraces, fire refuge platforms and roof

      • Reinforced concrete slab with hardener to fire tender access, car park, car park ramp/driveway
      • Stone and/or paver block and/or bituminous compound
      • Greeneries at designated places around driveway
    • Efficient air-conditioning system with water cooled/air cooled chillers.

      Office space and retail:

      • Central air-conditioning facility
      • Office and retail areas will be provided with the high side of chilled water system with BTU meters installed in floors
      • AHUs and lowside distribution will be on lessee’s scope

      Entry lobby:

      Fully air-conditioned

    • Fire protection strategy:

      Fire protection system as per standard norms of local fire authority:

      • The system will be backed up with
        • – a centralised fire water tank with pump room, hydrant and sprinkler mains
        • – individual wet risers for each system through dedicated fire shafts till the terrace with valves at each floor for tap off
        • – landing hydrants on all floors
        • – adjacent fire escape staircase with necessary accessories
      • Sprinkler system for offices will be designed for only below false ceiling as per standard norm with floor control valves.
        Distribution with flexible connector piece as per interior fitout layout shall be on lessee’s scope. Any sprinkler requirement above false ceiling shall also be on lessee’s scope.

      Fire fighting pumps:

      Fully air-conditioned

      • Individual electrical motor driven pumps for hydrant and sprinkler system
      • Diesel engine driven common stand by pump for both the pumps
      • Electrical motor driven common jockey pump for both systems, electrical motor driven booster pump
      • A common compartmentalised control panel for all pumps at the pump room to operate pumps automatically

      Sprinkler system:

      Sprinkler system designed and installed below false ceiling with sprinkler riser, piping network, sprinkler control valve, floor control valve etc complete. The sprinkler mains are provided with flow switch which will transfer audio/visual indications to fire alarm panel.

      Internal fire hydrant system:

      Wet risers with landing valves on all floors adjacent to staircase

      External fire hydrant system:

      External yard hydrant with hose cabinet located at strategic locations

      Addressable fire detection and alarm system:

      • Addressable fire detection and alarm system with fire detection and control panel and multi-sensor type smoke detectors for common areas only (smoke/heat detectors in office areas shall be in the scope of interior fit out)
      • Manual pull stations (break glass type)

      Manual call points and hooters:

      • Individual electrical motor driven pumps for hydrant and sprinkler system
      • Diesel engine driven common stand by pump for both the pumps
      • Electrical motor driven common jockey pump for both systems, electrical motor driven booster pump
      • A common compartmentalised control panel for all pumps at the pump room to operate pumps automatically

      Public address system:

      2 way talk back public address system located on different floors connected to a floor selector-switching console interconnected to an amplifier of suitable wattage and a microphone installed close to the fire alarm control panel

      Emergency evacuation maps:

      Emergency evacuation maps in common areas only (office areas are in occupant scope)

      Disabled persons refuge:

      A disabled person refuge area adjacent to fire escape staircase as per local fire authority norms

      • 24×7 power
      • 100% power backup of built up area for offices and retail
      • Instant change over between mains and auto synchronised DG set using PLC system
    • 24×7 vigilance facility with CCTV cameras and Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID)

    • Building automation software:

      Software/IP based Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) system automation, PHE system automation, STP system automation, elevator monitoring, toilet exhaust monitoring, basement exhaust fan monitoring

      Tenant billing and energy management:

      Software enabled efficient tenant energy billing system with installed prepaid energy meters for electrical supply, BTU meters for chilled water supply and water-meter for water supply

      • 12 passenger lifts and 2 units goods/stretcher lifts for the East and the West Block
      • 4 passenger lifts at MLCP
    • External glazing:

      High performance external glazing with doubly glazed, low U-factor and shading coefficient glass. This ensures maximum light and minimum heat radiation.


      Exquisite fully air-conditioned entrance lobby at ground floor

      Green Building certification:

      LEED Gold rating (as per IGBC standard) Sustainable Green Building measures adopted by

      • Using materials with recycled content regional/local materials, certified wood, rapidly renewable materials, low emitting materials
      • Energy efficiency measures like thermal and day lighting control by using efficient electrical fittings, high performance low E and low U value glass and high COP chillers
      • Ozone depletion measure by using selective ACMV refrigerant
      • Low flush water fixtures
      • Water recycling from sewage treatment plant— for ACMV, landscape and toilet flushing
      • Rainwater harvesting by deep recharge

      Verve–The Club:

      Separate club block with all amenities including

      • Restaurant, bar and cafe
      • Banquets
      • Games room and gymnasium
      • Badminton, basketball and tennis courts
      • Serviced apartments
      • Business centre and meeting rooms

      Food Court:

      Food Court at ground floor

      Car parking:

      Separate 5 level car parking facility at MLCP and 2 basements

      Traffic Management:

      Intelligent traffic circulation plan

      Landscape, softscape, waterscape:

      • Exquisite water feature at the central courtyard
      • Landscaped garden at ground level and roof of MLCP
      • Amphitheatre with sitout area and central lawn
    • Reinforced concrete framed structure using minimum M30 grade concrete complying with IS-456 and Fe 500 steel reinforcement complying with IS-1786

    • External walls:

      Common clay/fly ash/and/or reinforced concrete walls

      Common area internal walls:

      Common clay/fly ash/and/or reinforced concrete walls

    • Office space and retail:

      Bare RCC surface Common Areas

      Lift lobby:

      Standard POP/gypsum board false ceiling with or without drop

      Car park areas:

      Cement and sand plaster finished in cement paint Staircases, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing service rooms/shaft and utilities: Cement and sand plaster with neat POP punning Staircases finished with two coats of plastic emulsion paint

    • Combination of double glazed curtain wall/structural glazing/spandrel panel and standard aluminium section casement windows (powder coated/anodised/PVDF coating) with partially fixed and partially openable shutters with 5mm to 6mm thick clear toughened float glass glazing