Future Friendly Business Destination

We are stepping into the future of business. A hitherto unexplored, unexpected, untainted haven. Welcome to Mani Casadona, a majestic epicentre for business regalia to hold fort. Luxuriant and beautiful, Mani Casadona integrates the needs of modern businesses within one complex. It is a green building, which means that it optimises energy efficiency to keep pace with the times. Spread over 13 acres with over 70% open spaces, the complex will house twin towers, a club block and a separate multi-level parking facility. One can also take time off to explore the verdant settings from Cortile, the beautiful terrace gardens. Add to this, the perfectly landscaped expanse with lively trees, the well-planned traffic
movement and a host of modern amenities and you have a place fit for business tycoons.

Gold Standard

Gold standard green building

  • People friendly Green Design
  • Reduced electricity consumption up to 30%
  • Reduced water consumption up to 30%
  • High efficiency air-conditioning
  • Reduced internal lighting loads
  • Reduced heat gains through external walls, windows and roof
  • Fresh air supply as per applicable standards
  • Less toxic paints, coatings in interior spaces ensuring better quality of indoor air
  • Improved work environment
  • Conservation of scarce natural resources
  • Provision of separate area for waste collection
  • CFC free refrigerant based HVAC equipment to avoid ozone depletion
  • Onsite Sewage Treatment Plant to recycle the waste water
  • Native landscaping design
  • Registered with Leed India for Gold Certification

Luxuriant offices

Luxuriant offices, vibrant spaces

Mani Casadona is a Green Building. That means Mani Casadona will use less water, optimise energy efficiency, conserve natural resources and generate less waste to provide healthier spaces for its occupants. Studies of workers in green buildings have reported productivity gains and improved work quality. So look forward to making the most of your business at Mani Casadona.

Nature at Casadona

A world of natural perfection

At Mani Casadona takes on an idyllic charm with more than 70% green open spaces. Native flora bursts in colours and fragrances that captivate the senses, bringing the seasons to life vividly in shades of yellow and red.

Indian Laburnum and Gulmohars are complemented by the purple, white and pink blossoms of the Lagerstroemias. Autumn, winter and spring bring with them the enchantment of Chorisias, Pink Tabebuias, Bottlebrush, Calliandras Kachnar,
Tesu and the Yellow Trumpet tree. All to create the perfect setting for an ideal day
at home for you.

Spacious Common Space

Elaborate and spacious common area can help your space to serve as a melting
pot for ideas and provide scopes for exchange of information.

The common area is the shared spaces where social interactions take place.
Furnished with warm materials and rich textures, spacious common places at
Mani Casadona are beneficial and useful to the people who occupy
them. Comfortable seating encourages employees to have spontaneous
discussions, collective brainstorming and transfusion of fresh perspectives. In
such a nurturing environment, employees can make meaningful interactions and
trusted bonds that would otherwise fade in isolated cubicles.

Green Building

70% Green Open Space